615 - Cryogonal

Cryogonal picture
Egg: Mineral
Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Min 0IV Min ×0.9 Min ×1 Max ×1 Max ×1.1
HP250 281 344
Atk94 122 136 199 218
Def58 86 96 159 174
Sp.Atk175 203 226 289 317
Sp.Def247 275 306 369 405
Speed193 221 246 309 339
Weaknesses & Resistances
Versus Normal typeVersus Fighting typeVersus Flying typeVersus Poison typeVersus Ground typeVersus Rock typeVersus Bug typeVersus Ghost typeVersus Steel typeVersus Fire typeVersus Water typeVersus Grass typeVersus Electric typeVersus Psychic typeVersus Ice typeVersus Dragon typeVersus Dark type
1 Levitate: Immune to Ground-type moves and Arena Trap.
Name Type Class Pow Hit% PP Prio Method Versions
Acid Armor Poison Non-damaging 40PPLevel 29All 5th gen games
Acrobatics Flying Physical 55100%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Attract Normal Non-damaging 100%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Aurora Beam Ice Special 65100%20PPLevel 25All 5th gen games
Bind Normal Physical 1585%20PPLevel 1All 5th gen games
Blizzard Ice Special 12070%5PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Confuse Ray Ghost Non-damaging 100%10PPLevel 45All 5th gen games
Double Team Normal Non-damaging 15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Explosion Normal Physical 250100%5PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Facade Normal Physical 70100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Flash Cannon Steel Special 80100%10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Frost Breath Ice Special 4090%10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Frustration Normal Physical 102100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Hail Ice Non-damaging 10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Haze Ice Non-damaging 30PPLevel 21All 5th gen games
Hidden Power Normal Special -100%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Hyper Beam Normal Special 15090%5PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Ice Beam Ice Special 95100%10PPLevel 33All 5th gen games
Ice Shard Ice Physical 40100%30PP+1Level 5All 5th gen games
Icy Wind Ice Special 5595%15PPLevel 17All 5th gen games
Iron Defense Steel Non-damaging 15PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Knock Off Dark Physical 20100%20PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Light Screen Psychic Non-damaging 30PPLevel 37All 5th gen games
Magic Coat Psychic Non-damaging 15PP+4TutorBlack 2 / White 2
Mist Ice Non-damaging 30PPLevel 21All 5th gen games
Night Slash Dark Physical 70100%15PPLevel 57All 5th gen games
Poison Jab Poison Physical 80100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Protect Normal Non-damaging 10PP+4TM / HMAll 5th gen games
Rain Dance Water Non-damaging 5PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Rapid Spin Normal Physical 20100%40PPLevel 13All 5th gen games
Recover Normal Non-damaging 10PPLevel 49All 5th gen games
Reflect Psychic Non-damaging 20PPLevel 37All 5th gen games
Rest Psychic Non-damaging 10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Return Normal Physical 102100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Round Normal Special 60100%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Sharpen Normal Non-damaging 30PPLevel 9All 5th gen games
Sheer Cold Ice Special -30%5PPLevel 61All 5th gen games
Signal Beam Bug Special 75100%15PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Slash Normal Physical 70100%20PPLevel 41All 5th gen games
Sleep Talk Normal Non-damaging 10PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Snore Normal Special 40100%15PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Solar Beam Grass Special 120100%10PPLevel 53All 5th gen games
Substitute Normal Non-damaging 10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Swagger Normal Non-damaging 90%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Toxic Poison Non-damaging 90%10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
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