572 - Minccino

Minccino picture
Egg: Field
Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Min 0IV Min ×0.9 Min ×1 Max ×1 Max ×1.1
HP220 251 314
Atk94 122 136 199 218
Def76 104 116 179 196
Sp.Atk76 104 116 179 196
Sp.Def76 104 116 179 196
Speed139 167 186 249 273
Weaknesses & Resistances
Versus Normal typeVersus Fighting typeVersus Flying typeVersus Poison typeVersus Ground typeVersus Rock typeVersus Bug typeVersus Ghost typeVersus Steel typeVersus Fire typeVersus Water typeVersus Grass typeVersus Electric typeVersus Psychic typeVersus Ice typeVersus Dragon typeVersus Dark type
1 Cute Charm: 30% chance infatuating attacking foe on contact.
2 Technician: Boosts moves with 60 power or less by 50%.
DW Skill Link: Multi-hit moves hit the max number of times.
Name Type Class Pow Hit% PP Prio Method Versions
After You Normal Non-damaging 15PPLevel 49All 5th gen games
Aqua Tail Water Physical 9090%10PPBreedingAll 5th gen games
Attract Normal Non-damaging 100%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Calm Mind Psychic Non-damaging 20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Captivate Normal Non-damaging 100%20PPLevel 39All 5th gen games
Charm Normal Non-damaging 100%20PPLevel 27All 5th gen games
Covet Normal Physical 60100%40PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Dig Ground Physical 80100%10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Double Slap Normal Physical 1585%10PPLevel 13All 5th gen games
Double Team Normal Non-damaging 15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Echoed Voice Normal Special 40100%15PPLevel 33All 5th gen games
Encore Normal Non-damaging 100%5PPLevel 15All 5th gen games
Endure Normal Non-damaging 10PP+4BreedingAll 5th gen games
Facade Normal Physical 70100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Fake Tears Dark Non-damaging 100%20PPBreedingAll 5th gen games
Flail Normal Physical -100%15PPBreedingAll 5th gen games
Fling Dark Physical -100%10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Frustration Normal Physical 102100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Grass Knot Grass Special -100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Growl Normal Non-damaging 100%40PPLevel 3All 5th gen games
Gunk Shot Poison Physical 12070%5PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Helping Hand Normal Non-damaging 20PP+5Level 7All 5th gen games
Hidden Power Normal Special -100%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Hyper Voice Normal Special 90100%10PPLevel 43All 5th gen games
Iron Tail Steel Physical 10075%15PPBreedingAll 5th gen games
Knock Off Dark Physical 20100%20PPBreedingAll 5th gen games
Last Resort Normal Physical 140100%5PPLevel 45All 5th gen games
Mud-Slap Ground Special 20100%10PPBreedingAll 5th gen games
Pound Normal Physical 40100%35PPLevel 1All 5th gen games
Protect Normal Non-damaging 10PP+4TM / HMAll 5th gen games
Rain Dance Water Non-damaging 5PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Rest Psychic Non-damaging 10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Retaliate Normal Physical 70100%5PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Return Normal Physical 102100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Round Normal Special 60100%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Safeguard Normal Non-damaging 25PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Seed Bomb Grass Physical 80100%15PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Sing Normal Non-damaging 55%15PPLevel 21All 5th gen games
Slam Normal Physical 8075%20PPLevel 37All 5th gen games
Sleep Talk Normal Non-damaging 10PPBreedingAll 5th gen games
Snore Normal Special 40100%15PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Substitute Normal Non-damaging 10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Sunny Day Fire Non-damaging 5PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Swagger Normal Non-damaging 90%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Swift Normal Special 6020PPLevel 19All 5th gen games
Tail Slap Normal Physical 2585%10PPLevel 25All 5th gen games
Tail Whip Normal Non-damaging 100%30PPBreedingAll 5th gen games
Thief Dark Physical 40100%10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Thunder Wave Electric Non-damaging 100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Thunderbolt Electric Special 95100%15PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Tickle Normal Non-damaging 100%20PPLevel 9All 5th gen games
Toxic Poison Non-damaging 90%10PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
U-turn Bug Physical 70100%20PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
Uproar Normal Special 90100%10PPTutorBlack 2 / White 2
Wake-Up Slap Fighting Physical 60100%10PPLevel 31All 5th gen games
Work Up Normal Non-damaging 30PPTM / HMAll 5th gen games
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