207 - Gligar

Gligar picture
Egg: Bug
Sp. Atk
Sp. Def
Min 0IV Min ×0.9 Min ×1 Max ×1 Max ×1.1
HP240 271 334
Atk139 167 186 249 273
Def193 221 246 309 339
Sp.Atk67 95 106 169 185
Sp.Def121 149 166 229 251
Speed157 185 206 269 295
Weaknesses & Resistances
Versus Normal typeVersus Fighting typeVersus Flying typeVersus Poison typeVersus Ground typeVersus Rock typeVersus Bug typeVersus Ghost typeVersus Steel typeVersus Fire typeVersus Water typeVersus Grass typeVersus Electric typeVersus Psychic typeVersus Ice typeVersus Dragon typeVersus Dark type
1 Hyper Cutter: The wielder's Attack cannot be lowered.
2 Sand Veil: 25% Evasion boost in Sandstorm.
Name Type Class Pow Hit% PP Prio Method Versions
Aerial Ace Flying Physical 6020PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Attract Normal Non-damaging 100%15PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Counter Fighting Physical -100%20PP-5BreedingAll 3rd gen games
Cut Normal Physical 5095%30PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Dig Ground Physical 80100%10PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Double Team Normal Non-damaging 15PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Double-Edge Normal Physical 120100%15PPTutorEmeraldFire Red / Leaf GreenXD
Dream Eater Psychic Special 100100%15PPTutorEmeraldFire Red / Leaf GreenXD
Earthquake Ground Physical 100100%10PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Endure Normal Non-damaging 10PP+4TutorEmerald
Facade Normal Physical 70100%20PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Feint Attack Dark Special 6020PPLevel 28All 3rd gen games
Frustration Normal Physical 102100%20PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Fury Cutter Bug Physical 2095%20PPTutorEmerald
Guillotine Normal Physical -30%5PPLevel 52All 3rd gen games
Harden Normal Non-damaging 30PPLevel 13All 3rd gen games
Hidden Power Normal Physical -100%15PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Iron Tail Steel Physical 10075%15PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Metal Claw Steel Physical 5095%35PPBreedingAll 3rd gen games
Mimic Normal Non-damaging 10PPTutorEmeraldFire Red / Leaf GreenXD
Poison Sting Poison Physical 15100%35PPLevel 1All 3rd gen games
Protect Normal Non-damaging 10PP+4TM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Quick Attack Normal Physical 40100%30PP+1Level 20All 3rd gen games
Rain Dance Water Non-damaging 5PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Razor Wind Normal Physical 80100%10PPBreedingAll 3rd gen games
Rest Psychic Non-damaging 10PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Return Normal Physical 102100%20PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Rock Slide Rock Physical 7590%10PPTutorEmeraldFire Red / Leaf Green
Rock Smash Fighting Physical 40100%15PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Rock Tomb Rock Physical 5080%10PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Sand Attack Ground Non-damaging 100%15PPLevel 6All 3rd gen games
Sand Tomb Ground Physical 3585%15PPBreedingAll 3rd gen games
Sandstorm Rock Non-damaging 10PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Screech Normal Non-damaging 85%40PPLevel 44All 3rd gen games
Secret Power Normal Physical 70100%20PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Slash Normal Physical 70100%20PPLevel 36All 3rd gen games
Sleep Talk Normal Non-damaging 10PPTutorEmerald
Sludge Bomb Poison Physical 90100%10PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Snore Normal Physical 40100%15PPTutorEmerald
Steel Wing Steel Physical 7090%25PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Strength Normal Physical 80100%15PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Substitute Normal Non-damaging 10PPTutorEmeraldFire Red / Leaf GreenXD
Sunny Day Fire Non-damaging 5PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Swagger Normal Non-damaging 90%15PPTutorEmeraldXD
Swift Normal Physical 6020PPTutorEmerald
Swords Dance Normal Non-damaging 30PPTutorEmeraldFire Red / Leaf Green
Thief Dark Special 40100%10PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Toxic Poison Non-damaging 90%10PPTM / HMAll 3rd gen games
Wing Attack Flying Physical 60100%35PPBreedingAll 3rd gen games
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