Abilities - Diamond Pearl Platinum

Ability Effect
AdaptabilitySame Type Attack Bonus modifier is ×2.
AftermathDeals 25% damage when KO'ed by contact damage.
Air LockCancels the effects of weather.
Anger PointAttack +6 if hit by a Critical hit.
AnticipationTells if a foe has a super effective or a OHKO move.
Arena TrapPrevents grounded Pokemon from switching.
Bad DreamsDeals 12.5% damage to sleeping foes each turn.
Battle ArmorPrevents Critical Hits.
BlazeBoosts Fire-type attacks by 50% if under 33% HP.
ChlorophyllSpeed doubles in sun.
Clear BodyPrevents stats reduction.
Cloud NineCancels the effects of weather.
Color ChangeFoe's move changes the Pokemon's type.
CompoundeyesIncreases accuracy by 30%.
Cute Charm30% chance infatuating attacking foe on contact.
DampPrevents Aftermath, Explosion and Selfdestruct.
DownloadRaises Atk or Sp.Atk according to foe’s defenses.
DrizzleSummons permanent rain.
DroughtSummons permanent sun.
Dry SkinAbsorbs Water, weak to Fire. Rain heals, sun hurts.
Early BirdReduces sleep time by half.
Effect Spore30% chance to paralyze, poison, sleep on contact.
FilterReduces damage from super effective hits by 25%.
Flame Body30% chance to burn when hit by a contact move.
Flash FireAbsorbs Fire moves, Fire moves +50% each time.
Flower GiftAtk & Sp.Atk +50% in sun for Cherrim and its ally.
ForecastCastform changes type according to weather.
ForewarnReveals foe's strongest move upon entering battle.
FriskReveals the foe's item.
GluttonyConsumes pinch Berries at 50% HP or less.
GutsAttack +50% if afflicted by a status.
HeatproofReduces damage from Fire-type moves by 50%.
Honey Gather-
Huge PowerDoubles Attack stat.
HustleAttack +50%, physical moves -20% accuracy.
HydrationHeals status ailments in rain.
Hyper CutterThe wielder's Attack cannot be lowered.
Ice BodyHeals 6.25% Max HP in hail.
ImmunityPrevents poison.
Inner FocusPrevents flinching.
InsomniaPrevents sleep.
IntimidateLowers the foe's Attack one stage.
Iron FistIncreases the power of punching moves by 20%.
Keen EyeProtects against Accuracy drops.
KlutzThis Pokémon cannot use its held item.
Leaf GuardPrevents status ailments in sun.
LevitateImmune to Ground-type moves and Arena Trap.
LightningrodAbsorbs Electric moves, Sp.Atk +1 each time.
LimberThe wielder can't be paralyzed.
Liquid OozeLeeching moves cause the foe to lose HP instead.
Magic GuardPrevents indirect damage.
Magma ArmorPrevents freeze.
Magnet PullPrevents Steel-type Pokémon from switching.
Marvel ScaleDefense + 50% when afflicted by a status.
MinusIf an ally has Plus or Minus, Sp.Atk +50%.
Mold BreakerAbilities that hinder attacks are nullified.
Motor DriveAbsorbs Electric-type moves, Speed +1 each time.
MultitypeChanges Arceus's type to match its held Plate.
Natural CureCures status on switching out.
No GuardMoves used by and against the wielder won't miss.
NormalizeAll moves of this Pokémon become Normal-type.
ObliviousImmune to infatuation and Captivate.
OvergrowBoosts Grass-type attacks by 50% if under 33% HP.
Own TempoPrevents confusion.
PlusIf an ally has Plus or Minus, Sp.Atk +50%.
Poison HealHeals 12.5% HP per turn when poisoned.
Poison Point30% chance to poison on contact.
PressureFoe's move costs one extra PP.
Pure PowerDoubles Attack stat.
Quick FeetSpeed +50% when afflicted by a status.
Rain DishHeals 6.25% HP each turn in rain.
RecklessIncreases the power of recoil moves by 20%.
Rivalry+25% on same gender, -25% on opposite gender.
Rock HeadRecoil moves deal no recoil damage.
Rough SkinDeals 12.5% HP damage if hit by a contact move.
Run Away-
Sand StreamSummons permanent sandstorm.
Sand Veil25% Evasion boost in Sandstorm.
ScrappyCan hit Ghosts with Fighting and Normal moves.
Serene GraceDoubles the chance of its moves' extra effects.
Shadow TagPrevents switching.
Shed Skin33% chance to cure status each turn.
Shell ArmorPrevents Critical Hits.
Shield DustUnaffected by secondary effects of moves.
SimpleDoubles all status boosts and drops.
Skill LinkMulti-hit moves hit the max number of times.
Slow StartAttack and Speed are halved for 5 turns.
SniperCritical hits do 3× damage instead of 2×.
Snow CloakEvasion +25% in hail.
Snow WarningSummons permanent hail.
Solar PowerSp.Atk + 50% in the sun, loses 12.5% HP each turn.
Solid RockReduces damage from super effective hits by 25%.
SoundproofProtects against sound-based moves.
Speed BoostIncreases wielder's Speed one level each turn.
StallThe wielder moves last.
Static30% chance to paralyze if hit by a contact move.
SteadfastSpeed +1 when flinched.
Stench10% chance to flinch with each hit when it attacks.
Sticky HoldThe wielder's item cannot be removed.
Storm DrainAbsorbs Water moves, Sp.Atk +1 each time.
SturdyPrevents being KO'ed from full HP, leaves at 1 HP.
Suction CupsCannot be forced to switch.
Super LuckCritical hit rate is boosted by one stage.
SwarmBoosts Bug-type attacks by 50% if under 33% HP.
Swift SwimSpeed doubles in rain.
SynchronizeIf afflicted by a status, the enemy is afflicted also.
Tangled FeetEvasion +20% when confused.
TechnicianBoosts moves with 60 power or less by 50%.
Thick FatHalves damage from Fire and Ice moves.
Tinted LensDoubles damage on resisted hits.
TorrentBoosts Water-type attacks by 50% if under 33% HP.
TraceCopies foe's ability.
TruantSkips every second turn.
UnawareIgnores foe's stat changes other than Speed.
UnburdenSpeed +1 when an item is used or lost.
Vital SpiritPrevents sleep.
Volt AbsorbHeals 25% HP when hit by a Electric-type attack.
Water AbsorbHeals 25% HP when hit by a Water-type attack.
Water VeilPrevents burn.
White SmokeWielder's stats cannot be lowered.
Wonder GuardOnly super effective moves harm the wielder.