Welcome on PokéPlayer

Welcome on PokéPlayer, a Pokémon website that will be the very best like no other ever was !
There will be a lot of hardships on our journey through the building of this website, so hang in there with us to support PokéPlayer while we achieve this epic task ! As you can see, this website is an Alpha version. Not everything is available or fully working yet.
You have a lot of questions, right ? No ? Let's pretend you have a lot of questions, then !
I'll answer them right away. Don't hesit to send your questions in the comments, I might not let them unanswered, eventually.

Summary :
Why another Pokémon website ?
What's coming next ?
When did you start this website ?
When will you finish the main features ?

Why another Pokémon website ?

I created this website for three main reasons :
• I wanted a place where I could host a lot of stuff about competitive play, TAS, disassembly, data structures...
• I wanted a place where anybody could talk or post an entry about any Pokémon-related stuff, post an ad for their twitch channels / websites or tournaments, express their point of view...
• I wanted a place where I could develop useful tools and share them with everyone. I'll put some softwares I coded in the past online too, like a Pokémon Checker that checks for legality in an entire 4G/5G save game, a Save Editor for every gen...

I chose Disqus as it is an easy-to-use comment system and is already used by so many websites that you may already have an account for it, which hopefully make it easier for everyone to comment.

Providing a lot of tools

Even if everything is not perfect right now, PokéPlayer will strive to offer you the very best !
I want to make this website as useful and easy to use as possible. This means making relevant data about a subject easy to access and quick to find. The next features that will be added shall be going in this direction, hopefully !

What's coming next ?

I'm currently in the process of finishing several tools, including :
• a Search Engine for the Pokédex
• a Cardex including all the cards up to this day
• a Search Engine with many criteria for the Cardex
• a Trading Zone with a rating system where you can manage your collection, your Wish List, and find members who have a card you want
• a Search Bar that allows you to get any result from the Pokédex, Abilities, Moves, Items, Trading Cards, and the News
• a Decklist Generator for the Trading Card Game which provides relevant rulings and erratas
• a Team Analyzer that gives you the weaknesses / resistances of your team, searches in a Threat List which Pokémon can give you problems, and which Pokémon can complete your team

The 2 first tools in this list are nearly finished, and will be added to the website in the next days or weeks. These features will be added in the order they are listed, the Pokédex Search Engine being a top-priority with the probable 3rd Gen remakes coming.

When did you start this website ?

The coding was started on late 2013, on (most of) my free time. A hiatus of 4 months happened, and there we are.
Everything from design to the actual code was made from scratch, the forum being the exception.
I wanted to code without a CMS and to make a website as light as possible, hopefully improving my programming skills in the process.
Unfortunately, I can't work on this project at full-time so things aren't going as fast as I would like, but it's not going too slowly either !

When will PokéPlayer be ready ?

I'm trying to get most things done by mid November, hopefully PokéPlayer will be fully operational by this time !
You can subscribe to the RSS Feed and follow PokéPlayer on Twitter to get informed of the last updates !

If you have any remark, or any question, feel free to post a comment below !

By Mantidactyle - March 9 2014, 1:20 am
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