Pokémon Deck Database update

The Pokémon Deck Database is finally online ! This tool lists the top decks of tournaments all around the world since 1999. You can comment decklists, browse decks corresponding to an archetype, browse events of a specific format, and the search engine that will be added in a near future will allow you to search for any deck, card, player, event, and more ! Feel free to give your opinions on this tool in the comments below or on the forum. Please report any bug you might encounter with the Bug Report link under "Forum" in the top menu. Thank you very much !

Quick tour of the Deck Database:

Major Events

Deck Database - Last Major Events

Want to quickly access the last Major Events, such as Regionals or World Championships ? Here they are ! Simply click on the Event you want to browse, and you'll have access to the top decklists used at this Event.
Only Arena Cups, States, Regionals, Nationals, and big Events such as the European Challenge Cup and the World Championships are listed on this page. To acces older Events, or Events of a lower level such as City Championships, click on the tabs at the top, depending on the format of the Event.

On the right, the upcoming Major Events are displayed, just click on an Event to access the organizer's website.

Standard / Extended

Deck Database - Standard / Extended

Clicking on the « Standard » and « Expanded » tabs will display relevant information on the metagame.
On your left, the archetypes used in the selected format are displayed, with their usage stats, expressed in percentage.
On the middle, a list of all events recorded in the database corresponding to the selected format. A big star means it's a big Event (Nationals, ECC, Worlds...), 3 stars means it's a Regional, 2 stars means it's a State or Arena Cup, and one star a City or a Battle Road.
On the right, there is a list of the most played cards, organized as Pokémon / Trainer / Energy, once again with their usage stats; and a list of the allowed sets in the selected format.


Deck Database - Decks

The top decks of the selected Event are displayed on the left, with the deck name, the archetype, the player name and the player country.
You can click on a card in the decklist to display its scan, which can be expanded to full size by clicking on the miniature on the right.


Deck Database - Archetypes

Simple enough, this is a list of every deck of the selected archetype and format. You can change the selected format on the left.


Deck Database - Archives

This lets you browse old formats, from 1999 to nowadays, using the same interface as the « Standard » and « Expanded » tabs.
The Search Engine will be added soon, as I'm currently debugging it. It will let you search for any deck by entering its name, any card it uses, the player that used it, its archetype, its format, and the level of the Event it has been played in.

This concludes our quick tour of the Pokémon Deck Database. I'll add new events and new decks everyday in the next weeks until the database has enough data to be a relevant information source on any Pokémon TCG format. I'll also edit the previous « Pokémon TCG History » article to add additional information, specifically talk about Mew Lv.8, add the Sponge deck archetype, tweak the decklists, and talk a bit about the Trainer Showdown tournaments.

As always, you can follow PokéPlayer on Twitter and subscribe to the RSS Feed to get informed of the last updates !

By Mantidactyle - March 4 2015, 12:42 am
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