Abilities - Ruby Sapphire Emerald

Ability Effect
Air LockCancels the effects of weather.
Arena TrapPrevents grounded Pokemon from switching.
Battle ArmorPrevents Critical Hits.
BlazeBoosts Fire-type attacks by 50% if under 33% HP.
ChlorophyllSpeed doubles in sun.
Clear BodyPrevents stats reduction.
Cloud NineCancels the effects of weather.
Color ChangeFoe's move changes the Pokemon's type.
CompoundeyesIncreases accuracy by 30%.
Cute Charm30% chance infatuating attacking foe on contact.
DampPrevents Aftermath, Explosion and Selfdestruct.
DrizzleSummons permanent rain.
DroughtSummons permanent sun.
Early BirdReduces sleep time by half.
Effect Spore30% chance to paralyze, poison, sleep on contact.
Flame Body30% chance to burn when hit by a contact move.
Flash FireAbsorbs Fire moves, Fire moves +50% each time.
ForecastCastform changes type according to weather.
GutsAttack +50% if afflicted by a status.
Huge PowerDoubles Attack stat.
HustleAttack +50%, physical moves -20% accuracy.
Hyper CutterThe wielder's Attack cannot be lowered.
ImmunityPrevents poison.
Inner FocusPrevents flinching.
InsomniaPrevents sleep.
IntimidateLowers the foe's Attack one stage.
Keen EyeProtects against Accuracy drops.
LevitateImmune to Ground-type moves and Arena Trap.
LightningrodAbsorbs Electric moves, Sp.Atk +1 each time.
LimberThe wielder can't be paralyzed.
Liquid OozeLeeching moves cause the foe to lose HP instead.
Magma ArmorPrevents freeze.
Magnet PullPrevents Steel-type Pokémon from switching.
Marvel ScaleDefense + 50% when afflicted by a status.
MinusIf an ally has Plus or Minus, Sp.Atk +50%.
Natural CureCures status on switching out.
ObliviousImmune to infatuation and Captivate.
OvergrowBoosts Grass-type attacks by 50% if under 33% HP.
Own TempoPrevents confusion.
PlusIf an ally has Plus or Minus, Sp.Atk +50%.
Poison Point30% chance to poison on contact.
PressureFoe's move costs one extra PP.
Pure PowerDoubles Attack stat.
Rain DishHeals 6.25% HP each turn in rain.
Rock HeadRecoil moves deal no recoil damage.
Rough SkinDeals 12.5% HP damage if hit by a contact move.
Run Away-
Sand StreamSummons permanent sandstorm.
Sand Veil25% Evasion boost in Sandstorm.
Serene GraceDoubles the chance of its moves' extra effects.
Shadow TagPrevents switching.
Shed Skin33% chance to cure status each turn.
Shell ArmorPrevents Critical Hits.
Shield DustUnaffected by secondary effects of moves.
SoundproofProtects against sound-based moves.
Speed BoostIncreases wielder's Speed one level each turn.
Static30% chance to paralyze if hit by a contact move.
Stench10% chance to flinch with each hit when it attacks.
Sticky HoldThe wielder's item cannot be removed.
SturdyPrevents being KO'ed from full HP, leaves at 1 HP.
Suction CupsCannot be forced to switch.
SwarmBoosts Bug-type attacks by 50% if under 33% HP.
Swift SwimSpeed doubles in rain.
SynchronizeIf afflicted by a status, the enemy is afflicted also.
Thick FatHalves damage from Fire and Ice moves.
TorrentBoosts Water-type attacks by 50% if under 33% HP.
TraceCopies foe's ability.
TruantSkips every second turn.
Vital SpiritPrevents sleep.
Volt AbsorbHeals 25% HP when hit by a Electric-type attack.
Water AbsorbHeals 25% HP when hit by a Water-type attack.
Water VeilPrevents burn.
White SmokeWielder's stats cannot be lowered.
Wonder GuardOnly super effective moves harm the wielder.